Jhod: Coward and a liability. Suspected to have disappeared into the Chains. Himself not a threat but whereabouts are still of interest.

Jezabelle: Natural Pilot. Mastercraft weapon implies decent shot. Loyal to Clavicus and likely Narcisse. Valuable asset and loyal ally if trust earned.

Clavicus: Like old age struck early until knees augmented. More lively than initial assessment. Hearsay suggests glibness; possible insurrectional element.

Narcisse: Curious adept. Knowledgeable and informative but highly frangible focus. Info known to her can easily be made known to anyone. Self-discretion advised.

Nynx: Daemon is daemon… regardless of size. Be wary.

Beastmen: Fiercely loyal to Scarna. Primal but still human intellect. Exposure outside elysium or personal craft risky. Better suited to occupy and defend communal vessels/craft.

Seers: Most young, not visibly corrupt. Careful as Scarna is to preserve lives of her ‘subjects’, treatment of the seers has demonstrated she’s not above treating those very lives as expendable capital. Must secure warp-travel that eschews sacrifice.

Scarna: Powerful psyker, respected aspect of the Lord of Change. Experiences possibly prophetic visions. Keen and esoteric but not beyond bursts of unkempt emotion. As primal as those she leads.

Amily: Young, powerless. Roped into service and ultimately ambivalent to the Imperium. Should take care to cement Imperial disdain and increase likelyhood to remain with us. Her story is a familiar one; may prove amicable company to Robin.

Ember: Should closely observe. Led loyalist company, no choice but to surrender post defeat. Disposition improved with prosthesis. May require personal attention to staunch lingering love of the Imperium.

Nirissa: Resorceful as is attractive in mind and body. Insurmountable wealth and logistical lynchpin to Vaxhalen operations and access. Irreplaceable.

Arial: Most trusted and capable. Reach and wealth extend past Vaxhalen… Recent developments seen attention focused on fortifying Vaxhalen operations. Hope that sight hasn’t been lost on Kaasar freedom and re-establishment.

Robin: Motivation given form. Everything meaningless if her life is forefeit. Should anything take mine Arial will see to it she stays safe and comfortable. Anything dare corrupt or keep her from me will know what a man unbound by humanity is capable of.

Alia: Childish, naive; potential stymied. Skill in the shadows complimentary to mine given close quarters and social aptitude. Remniscient of Arial sans sophistication. Keep at arms length when she lapses in subtlety.. but keep her back covered.

Serateh: Blunt but powerful implement. Haughty and indomitable until something gets past the teeth of her blade. Satisfying as seeing her humbled when her arrogance goes unchecked may be… reward her point position with support and cover.

The Fair Lady: Indisguisable, toxic. The best of intentions immortalized with a most twisted irony. Take care proximally and ensure ‘gifts’ are suffered by enemies and not allies. Powerful psyker of Tzeentch’s despised rival. If nothing else, curious.

Cassandra: Most level-headed; reserved. Has entirety of the tech-aptitude lacked elewhere in the field party. Uses machines to augment what she naturally lacks. Durable… potential in generating expendable resources and valuable tools.

‘Comissar’ Pearl: Former Imperial agent. Proud of service but was made to see the Imperium’s true ways. Commands small force that may be expanded or enhanced. Conducts adequately lucrative business… could be honed into a propaganda tool.

Black Crusade: True Freedom Through Chaos

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