Black Crusade: True Freedom Through Chaos

Arrival on Vaxhalen and the weeks following

Concerning Allies and Friends

You all arrived on Vaxhalen on the 145th day of the 320th year in the 42nd millennium according to the Imperial calender that charts the standard year. Already you have commandeered an inquisitorial vessel all while killing a man that held the rank of Interrogator and capturing one of the famed Crusaders that serve that Inquisition. Most impressive of trophies so far is likely the Maellus inquisitor, the woman responsible for all of your captures held safely in suspended animation on the bridge of the ship. She rests in a state between life and death, the flickering stasis field and the advanced medicae cogitators the only thing keeping her living at this point, so grievous are her wounds.

You did not do this all alone, you have of course made allies in all of this from the feral beastpeople that inhabit the hulk of a vessel held in high-grav anchor just outside the vast lunar rings of the gas giant Pheobos to Narcisse the tech-adept with a data addiction and a chittering little muse of slaanesh as a familiar. Here is just a little bit of what your various allies and new found friends have been up to in the meanwhile.

Jerod: After making sure the ‘debt’ owed to him by Alia had been repayed the cowardly an ineffectual guardsman has all but vanished. He is nowhere to be found on the ship though none of the lighters have gone missing and neither has Jezebelle mentioned seeing him. Maybe he has finally suffered a deserving fate.

Jezebelle & Clavicus: This pair has often been seen, or rather heard, from their room in the Gilded Rose. When they are not enjoying Clavicus’ newly found ability to move without undue pain they can often be seen in the lobby of the building playing Regicide or card games with the Tarot for coins, often inviting others in to join. Jezebelle herself has been quite active in the ferrying of you all to and from your destinations and seems to have taken a shine to the guncutter, something about it being a ‘frakking amazing ship’.

Narcisse: The beautiful and quite insane tech-priestess adept has taken it upon herself to study the Inquisitor’s wounds through the cogitator bank that keeps her alive and the auspex built into her head. so far most of her results have only been able to explain the obvious. Her wounds are quite clearly inflicted by something from the warp, a vicious rending injury that appears to be from claws. The threat itself does not seem to be from the obvious internal injuries such a wound would obviously inflict but instead corrution voraciously eating away at her flesh. Any further explanation would her would descend into a rant filled with medicae terminology that would be hard to escape without a designated lifepod or something otherwise capable such is her zeal when it comes to discussing data down to the minutae.

Telashyr:The enigmatic Dark Eldar has not had much contact with anyone since you have all made landfall in the port of Vaxhalen. Occasionally however her exploits would be seen in blurry picts and ill-written testimonies from the underhive from gangers who could have sworn they were fighting a daemon in the arenas or fight clubs gangs often set up for fun.

Scarna: The avian leader of the beastpeople that live aboard the carrion vessel that is the Chains of Judgement was quite impressed when all of her soldiers returned back alive from the seizure of the bridge and with her people’s support, or at least no obvious dissent, has taken to scavenging what they can from the vessel and has pledged her people’s support for your cause. The woman is a seer and is quite obvious she is acting on some sort of dream or vision but will it be fulfilled?

Amily&Ember: The acolyte and captain , respectively, both surrendered after the seizure of the ship with little resistance and after much prodding from Amily and the mood-enhancing effect of having a decent replacement for her arm Ember has agreed, albeit grudgingly to serve Cassandra alongside Amily. They are both ill at ease with Chaos still, but time will change that most assuredly.

Nissia: The port mistress herself is rarely seen out of her office as of late. It makes sense a woman on as many different payrolls as she is , is quite busy after all. While unable to often chat or make pleasant conversation she has gratefully arranged everything you have all needed in terms of transport and flight plans and has never once asked for compensation to be directed towards the city citing ‘Arial has it covered’.



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