Black Crusade: True Freedom Through Chaos

The Unchained

The Unchained

The Unchained is a deviation from the standard Imperial frigate form. Approximately 2.4 kilometeres long and .5 abeam it is a hardy, if somewhat small ship that once served as an orbital defense for the forge moon of Forge Harrow. It is well equipped and close enough to the standard imperial design to make it through occupied sectors with only a few raised eyebrows at a distance but closing in would prove to be a mistake if the enemy ship in question is Imperial, the Unchained as an irregular silhouette after all thanks to the smoother lines and contours of its armor. The vessel has been fully crewed thanks to Karna and they are all in good spirits and ready to take the vessel on its first voyage into the space outside of Vaxhalen, for ill or good.

Here are just a few notable faces drawn from the near fifteen thousand souls aboard the Unchained:

Navigatrix Isis: Strange. Strange is a word that sums up the Navigatrix of the Unchained. Though she is not a member of Karna’s Dark Mechanicus cult the woman does where the white robes of an initiate and despite her lack of technological affiliation a chassis of masterfully crafted arachnid-like legs supports her upper body. No one has a clue of what happened to the woman’s lower body or what caused her eccentricities but they all seem to stem from the rumor that she is a dreaded Warp Necrophage, a literal vampie and with her nearly albino skin, blonde hair and red eyes, it is hard not to believe the rumors. Needless to say, most crew avoids the woman aside from her brother, the master of augers.

Amon, Master of Augers: A silent and somewhat nervous man whom for the most part only speaks to his sister, Isis the Navigatrix of the ship. Despite his general silent demeanor he is the Master of Augers for good reason. Amon is intelligent and capable and able to squeeze a little more out of the systems than others perhaps would. Just like his sister Amon is not affiliated with Karna’s tech priests though he also wears the white acolyte robes. He is also rumored to be a necrophage much like Isis with the same near-albino skin and pale red eyes.

Pilot, Eric Greenfield: A former member of the Kassar resistance Eric earned his ‘wings’ piloting orbital shuttles for the rebellion’s struggling armies throughout the heavily disputed Kassar sector and of course its capital system. The man eventually washed out of the resistance however, turning instead to mercenary work as the rebellion began to break up once more in the face of the current imperial crusade into the sector. He is skilled and incredibly confident in his own abilities and has an extreme hatred for the Dark Eldar pirates of the sector who took his left eye and arm in a devastating lightning raid against a ship he was piloting.

Dmitri, Master of Ordinance: Dmitri is an old and wizened tech-priest of Karna’s and one would assume with his age he would be mostly cybernetics but that is not the case, at least on the outside. Graying and struggling to walk straight at most times the older man is none the less an expert in his field, overseeing the maintenance and directed fire of the Unchained’s guns and point defense systems that is. Unlike most of Karna’s men and women he wears the red robes of the mechanicus and claims he was once an explorator-Magos of all things before breaking apart to join Karna after a dispute with the brotherhood that ended rather… nastily in his own words.

Persephone, Mistress of Drives: In charge of the maintenance and careful operations of the ship’s powerful drives and its engines. She is incredibly intelligent and purportedly quite good friends with Karna herself. An oddity, even among tech priests the woman is /entirely/ artificial. Her body is a startlingly close imitation of the human form but there is not one piece organic flesh left to her. Instead there is simply a body of smooth and sleek ceramic composite and her consciousness uploaded to the core in her head.

Sergeant-at-Arms Sasha Vokt: The head of the Unchained’s small contingent of mostly human shock troops is a solidly built woman in her mid twenties. Beneath her gung-ho demeanor and conspicuous half shaven blonde head of hair is an experienced and cunning commander. Originally a Valhaxen ganger turned mercenary, her uncanny timing served her well. As the group of mercenaries disbanded, she stayed on with their current employer. The close quarters of ships, stations, and hives suited her quite well, as did the pay. She revels in violence and danger, an attraction that might be unhealthy for most, but she has managed to thrive in it for years, and far more than luck has kept her in one piece.

Scarna: Scarna and her nine witches have taken up the role of astropaths aboard the ship. They direct long distance messages through the miasma of the warp via ritual and with enough time could divine the future for a preferable course of action by attempting to untangle the twisted skein of fate. Scarna herself has come a long way since her time aboard the Chains. No longer is she illiterate and uneducated. Now she is well dressed and her intellect is growing, supported by her endless desire for books, tomes and charts. The Queen of Carrion seeks to maintain a small library of lore and warpcraft should such tomes become available.

Narcisse: Narcisse has simply joined Karna’s brotherhood at this point, taking up the rank of acolyte in the cult and joined others of her rank in maintaining and organizing the vast datalooms that house the various databases and starmaps the ship needs to prosper in the void, her unique meme virus helps her greatly here and she is able to recant most of the data stored within the drives without aid, even the coordinates of /most/ of the known planets within the systems.

Jezebelle: The cheeky Glavian has since taken up the role of personal pilot for you all, piloting your private guncutter with the considerable skill that is expected of /any/ Glavian.

Telashyr: Telashyr has not been seen for some time. The last sighting of her was oddly enough near one of the assumed safe houses of the Red Path, a cult of Khaine with ties to the Dark Eldar pirates of the sector? What exactly could this Eldar be up to?



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